What is SmarterBrand?

SmarterBrand is an efficient, affordable mobile audit solution for retail, distribution and brand management companies that brings organisations closer to their sales teams, brands and customers. It gives you instant visibility and analytics into your product's performance in stores so you can identify and fix retail problems fast.




Simplify field sales management

Collecting information in the field with SmarterBrand is simple - just like uploading a photo to social media, or filling out a form online. It's also easy for sales reps to communicate this back to managers, whether they are online or not. Teams can overcome the challenge of distance - managers are able to see what their sales teams see in the field, with all data accessible from anywhere so informed decisions can be made to boost your brands.


Field Sales Management

SmarterBrand collects data that gives you insights into sales reps' activities, distribution locations and journey plans.

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Stock Management 

Out of stocks can be costly. Understand the demands on your stock so that new stock can be ready to be put on the shelves.

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Product placement in retail stores

Retail displays are very important in attracting shoppers and driving purchases. SmarterBrand helps you stand out on the shelves.

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Pricing Analytics

SmarterBrand provides your management team with a direct line into retail stores to ensure your products are accurately priced.

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Competitor Product Benchmarking

Understand the competition and see how your competitors are presenting their brands in store so you can take steps to get ahead.

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Retail Store Analytics

You want your brand to perform well. Your team can collect data and save details about the work they do and the status of your brands.

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Shelf Placement Marketing

Ensure your marketing material and retail displays are correctly implemented in store, looking great and making money.

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Store Layout Strategy

Store Layout is a big factor in how consumers shop. and depending on where your products sit can have a significant impact on performance.

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